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Seafood Main

4a. Koshi Macchi
Medium Hot

Chunks of boneless fish in traditional sauce with coconut milk fresh green herbs, curry leaves, ground mustard seeds and touch of ginger and garlic.

4b. Goan Salmon Fish
Gluten free Medium Hot

Marinated Salmon gently cooked in clay oven and then topped up with our own garlic, curry leaf and tangy goanish flavour sauce (Speciality of the chef).

4c. Machhi Masala

Tender marinated fish fillet deep-fried and cooked in a special masala sauce.

4d. King Prawn Pathia
Gluten free

Spicy king prawns cooked in a delicious sweet and sour tamarind sauce with curry leaves, really tasty.

4e. Prawn Himali
Gluten free Medium Hot

King prawns marinated with home ground spices, slowly cooked with fresh spinach, herbs, onion and tomato sauce.

4f. Jingha Masala
Gluten free

Delicately spiced king prawns served in a mild creamy tomato and onion sauce.

4g. King Prawn Chilli
Gluten free Very Hot

Barbecued king prawns prepared with spicy tomato sauce, green chillis and herbs.

Dalcha Prawn

King prawn cooked with lentils in a sweet and sour sauce.